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Infrared Sauna - Minnetonka

Infrared Sauna - Minnetonka

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We’ll reach out to schedule your first Infrared Sauna session in Minnetonka. We can’t wait to see you!

Any questions? Email us at or call us at 612-444-9998.


Sweat it out! Unburden your body from stress, sore muscles and free radicals with an ancient practice made for the future. Lay back, relax and unwind as your body burns calories and finds relief from inflammation. Release minor pain, accelerate athletic recovery, boost circulation and improve cardiovascular health—all in 40 minutes or less.


An Infrared Sauna session is usually $42. After your first service, become a member with a $99 first month or buy a pack to save on your Infrared Sauna services.

This offer is valid at our Minnetonka location only. Each promotional offer can be used once per customer.


Infrared Sauna may help the body...

- Promote enery and healing

- Improve circulation and heart health

- Detoxify heavy metals, relieve inflammation

Length of Service

A first time session begins at 30 minutes

What to Expect

After you complete a basic waiver, our staff will bring you to your private Infrared Sauna. Before starting your sauna session, you’ll want to undress and cover yourself in a towel or robe. Then, you’ll enter the sauna where you will stay for 15 to 40 minutes. Before, during and after your Infrared Sauna session, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water. You’ll notice that you sweat a fair amount during your Infrared Sauna session - and this is exactly what you want! Sweating is a healthy process that may help the body to detoxify from the many harmful free radicals and heavy metals that have negative long-term effects on human health. After your Sauna Session is over, you’ll want to get changed into loose clothing that’s breathable and light, as you may continue sweating for some time after you leave your session.

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